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Portarlington Lifestyle Village offers a fresh relaxed lifestyle in a community atmosphere of like-minded residents. You have 24 hour support and little to none of maintenance. Your time is for you to share with activities, others or the surrounds of area.

Life at Portarlington Lifestyle Village can be as active as you wish to make it. The hub will be the Clubhouse as the centre for activities with a gym, pool, billiards, BBQ and kiosk area or you can take advantage of many great opportunities that Portarlington has to offer. Handy access to lawn bowls, fishing and one of the best golf courses around.

Downsize your everyday home maintenance from the traditional family sized home

  • Live amongst similar interested people
  • Your asset changeover should leave a little something left over to help you redo your bucket list and enjoy your further years.

Yes! You purchase your home which has a maintenance warranty and a structural 7 year guarantee. You have a site rental agreement for the land you occupy. Your rights are protected by law.

Yes! You may sell at any time you wish through the village administration or by an outside professional.

Of course you can option up your home and make changes provided these are done before the home is built. Our builders will be happy to quote on any changes for you.

Your home is complete with floor coverings, appliances, reverse cycle air conditioning, window dressings, fly screens, clothes line, dishwasher, water tank, gardens and lawns. It is only awaiting your furniture and personal touches.

You get a 60 year lease under the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 and all of the protection that the Act grants. Your agreement also outlines your rights.

You can deal with your home the same as if it were a suburban freehold title. You can sell it, provided the buyers are acceptable as residents for the Village.

Should the unfortunate circumstance arise that you or your partner passes away; the same rights as in freehold title apply. The remaining resident gets ownership or the estate gains control and is able to sell the home.

Nothing at all. There are no entry fees or stamp duty, but we do suggest getting your own legal and financial advice.

Site rental covers Council Rates, common property and Clubhouse maintenance and gardens, garbage recycle collection, activities and use of all community facilities.

Yes, however any increase is applied once a year and will not be greater than the CPI. Your pension is usually adjusted and so your rent assistance will be accordingly.

Your own home which sits on a site that you pay a weekly rental under a guarantee lease agreement. The current rental is from $172.00 for single occupancy, and $194.00 per couple per week and if you are on a pension benefit, you will receive a Centrelink assistance reducing this. Check with Centrelink for your circumstances. Your only costs of living are site rental and the electricity, gas, phone and excess water that you use. There are no council rates.

Yes. Other companions are important too. There are simple rules so that everyone is happy.

Yes. Family and friends are welcome to join you; they only have to follow the Village rules for everyone.

Your front garden will be landscaped and maintained by the Managers and your back yard area is free for you to create.

Your property will be securely maintained with our 24 hour CCTV and your community Neighbourhood Watch will ensure things are safe.

Your site agreement will set out the exit fees when you sell and leave the Village. These fees go towards continual maintenance and upgrade of the Village which protects your re-sale value and the capital gain which you keep.

23-31 Mercer Street, Portarlington, 3223.
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